Celeste Watson

Education: Certificate (Bible and Theology), Cornerstone Bible Institute, 2011; B.A. (Advanced Biblical Studies) Calvary Bible College, 2012, M.S. (Religious Studies – Biblical Languages), Calvary Theological Seminary, current.

Hometown: Inman, Kansas

Why did you come to Calvary? I had attended a small Bible institute, and Calvary was very willing to work with my transfer credits. The counselors who helped me were friendly, and the registrar’s office gave me a great transfer. After getting here, students quickly made friends with me – and there’s nothing better than studying God’s Word with other people who love God!

Favorite food: Fried potatoes and salmon!

Your wish for incoming students: That each one would make studying God’s Word a priority in his or her life, whether going into full-time ministry or serving God in a secular vocation.

What was your favorite class at Calvary? Absolutely loved Epistle to the Hebrews! The professor teaching it cared about the class, and applied the book to our lives. The other students in the class were excited about studying the book and were willing to put in a lot of work to make the class worthwhile. We even got to have an organized debate!

What ministries/activities were you involved in outside the classroom?  I’ve loved connecting with my home church, teaching a pre-readers Sunday School class, and playing the piano. I wasn’t interested in coming to Calvary until some friends told me about how great the school’s theology professor was. When I got here, the quality of the Bible and Theology class was everything I could have wanted. The professors love God and His Word, and they want us to love and serve God, too.

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