Four Goals

Strategic Plan of the President’s Office

Dr. James L. Clark

  1. Prayer – integrate prayer throughout the campus under the direction of our prayer committee in order to seek God’s vision for:
    • Our institution – Calvary (college and seminary)
    • Our classes – open with prayer but also pray for one another.
    • Our departments – staff and faculty
    • Our concerns – specially called times of prayer in dorms, chapel, etc.
    • Our personal lives – to commune with God, to walk with God, to grow in our relationship with the Lord and with man
    • Our service to God - as students, staff, faculty. To serve the Lord in our employment, Christian ministry in the church and in the community and the world.
  2. Evangelism – create a climate of concern throughout the campus regarding the urgency of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days by:
    • providing training and opportunities for evangelistic outreach throughout the school year through short-term summer mission trips, Christian ministry assignments, and local church/parachurch involvement 
    • encouraging students, faculty, and staff to develop a personal conviction of living a life of witness, a life that displays the fruit of the Spirit
    • encouraging continuous discussion of the Great Commission and opportunities for evangelism in the dorms, dining hall, classrooms, chapel, offices, KA-BAR, and elsewhere
    • encouraging students to become bi-lingual in order to relate to cultural and ethnical areas of US communities and abroad by providing academic courses in languages such as Spanish, German, and others as deemed appropriate
  3. Discipleship – emphasize the making of disciples as part of the Great Commission in order to create a growing, healthy body of Christ by:
    • holding a discipleship seminar during chapel once a year (led by the Student Senate)
    • challenging the student body, faculty, and staff to participate in a discipling ministry at Calvary, the local church, Christian ministry program, etc., working with new believers to mature in Christ so they in turn can reach someone for Christ and disciple them
  4. Outreach – intentionally promote the planting of new Bible-believing churches in communities within the United States or throughout the world by:
    • holding an annual church planting conference (USA) and a missions conference (global), utilizing those with expertise to interact in chapel, classroom, and one-on-one with the student body regarding issues of church planting
    • encouraging students to consider church planting ministries and internships related to missions and church planting

The Cabinet recognizes the purpose of these priorities is to be for the glory of God.