Mission and Values


Mission: Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary is an independent, nondenominational institution, providing undergraduate and graduate education which prepares Christians to live and serve in the church and the world according to a biblical worldview. This is accomplished by providing appropriate educational curricula and a climate that fosters the development of intellectual and spiritual maturity, leadership potential, servanthood, and a sense of mission.                        

Purpose: The purpose of every program at Calvary is to teach students Bible and theology, and to prepare them for Christian ministry.

Calvary offers a variety of program choices:

  • Baccalaureates—Four-year and five-year degrees
  • Post-graduate—Master's degrees
  • Associates—Two-year degrees
  • Certificates—One-year certificate

Calvary’s educational programs emphasize biblical studies, complemented by general and professional education as well as practical field experience.

Core values:

  • Truth – We hold the Scriptures to be true, the focal point of our education process and the authority for all we teach and do.
  • Service – We prepare men and women to live according to a biblical worldview by consistently linking education with the implications for Christian service in the church and the world.
  • Character – We promote the development of intellectual and spiritual maturity, leadership potential, servanthood, and a sense of mission and ministry.
  • Relevance – We prepare men and women to understand and effectively relate to the world in which we live.
  • Relationship – We cultivate godly relationships among students, staff, faculty, and with alumni, the local church, and the society in which we live.

Doctrinal statements and convictions:

  • Solidly Biblical—Theologically, Calvary can be described as biblical, fundamental, pre-millennial and dispensational. Each year, faculty members and trustees must affirm acceptance of the Bible as the inerrant, verbally inspired Word of God.
  • Doctrinal Understanding—Current students should realize that Calvary will graduate only those who possess a foundational understanding of the Bible and the college’s doctrinal statement.
  • Separated—It is Calvary’s desire to be separated unto God from worldliness, whether in personal actions, attitudes and thought, or in ecclesiastical programs and associations. Calvary’s position is one of being loyal to the biblical doctrine of ecclesiastical separation so that it has no embarrassing ties which might keep it from exposing apostasy, heresy or sin. This is evidenced in its historical stand against the ecumenical teachings and practices of our day.
  • Evangelism and Missions—We believe that the “Great Commission” defines the primary mission of the Church. Calvary seeks to incorporate the spirit of evangelism and discipleship into the whole Calvary family, whether in the classroom, in chapel, or in extracurricular activities and projects.
  • A friend of Bible-believing churches—Calvary stands with all who love Christ and preach His Word, and the attitude throughout Calvary is nonsectarian. We are unreservedly loyal to all Bible-believing churches faithful to Christ and the Bible. Calvary is affiliated with the IFCA International and Berean Fellowship of Churches and maintains a good relationship with independent and denominational churches and individuals that uncompromisingly hold to the historic fundamentals of the faith.
  • Institutional Position on the “Sign Gifts”As Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary understands the teaching of Scripture and church history, the “sign gifts” of the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues, prophecy, healings, miracles, and the like) ceased after the first century and are no longer essential for the church today. Those who may believe otherwise and desire to enter Calvary as students are welcome, if they are willing to study with an open mind, to understand the institution’s position, and not to practice or propagate their beliefs while studying at Calvary. Revised 9/28/2012
  • Nurturing character and truth—We are persuaded that the Scriptures teach that what we are is as important as what we know. Ephesians 4:15 clearly states that we are to speak the truth (doctrine) in love (Christlike character). This is the reason we put much effort in developing Christlike character and a servant’s heart while communicating God’s Word. In all matters we endeavor to display the “excellent spirit” of the prophet Daniel (Dan. 6:3). This man of God refused to compromise and yet he constantly  displayed an attitude which endeared him to his superiors. He was neither vindictive nor self-righteous and by his dedicated life made a profound impact upon the kings of Babylon and Persia.

Calvary Statement on Diversity

At Calvary, we endeavor to prepare students to live out a biblical worldview in a diverse world. This project is enshrined in our mission statement and fulfills the Board of Trustee outcome that graduates “understand the world in which they live and be able to effectively relate to others in it.” In order to fulfill this expectation, Calvary is committed to:

  • Seek recruit students, staff and faculty from a variety of cultural, ethnic and language backgrounds.
  • Offer diverse Christian Ministry environments that span the cultural spectrum in the greater Kansas City area.
  • Develop academic and co-curricular opportunities to expose students to a variety of cultural, ethnic, philosophical, religious, and geographic ministry and service settings in the Kansas City area and around the world.
  • Encourage students, staff, and faculty to engage in intercultural ministry through structured events and student led opportunities throughout the academic year; and to commit to a lifestyle of intercultural service.