Institutional Research

Calvary’s Institutional Research Office provides guidance in institutional assessment, to develop institutional data to aid in the assessment process and centralize responses to external surveys. The office develops and maintains a comprehensive program of educational research and institutional self-study to provide information supportive of enrollment management, student outcomes assessment, institutional effectiveness and student and staff retention. Information is derived from institutional surveys, graduating student surveys and surveys of Calvary alumni. In conjunction with the Outcomes and Assessment Committee, the Institutional Research Office generates an annual Assessment Report, a Fact Book, updated assessment plans and provides data to governmental and commercial services requiring statistical information.

Office Staff:

Charles Kurtz, Institutional Research Coordinator/Federal Compliance Officer
816-425-6136 x 1323

Alix Miller, Institutional Research Office Secretary
816-322-0110 x 1333


Fall 2014 Enrollment Stats by Gender/Ethnicity

 Common Data Set (2011-2012)

IPEDS Institutional Report

2014 Institutional Feed Back Report

Student Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction Inventory 2013-2014
Student Satisfaction Inventory 2012-2013
Student Satisfaction Inventory 2011-2012

Graduate Outcomes

Graduate Survey 2014
Graduate Survery 2012


For additional student outcome information and required consumer disclosure information, please visit the Consumer Information page.