Alumni Phone-a-thon

The goal for the 2016 Alumni Phone-a-thon is to raise $21,000 for seven distinct projects: 


  1. Refinishing our gymnasium floor: $8,000 - Why? The current floor is slippery, and it is difficult for our volleyball and basketball players to maintain traction as they move around on the court.  A new floor would encourage our athletes by addressing safety and performance concerns.
  2. Truck for our security team: $6,000 - Why? In order for the security team to effectively serve our campus community, they depend daily on a safe, reliable, and cost-effective vehicle.  Unfortunately, their current vehicle no longer demonstrates any of these important qualities.
  3. Tablets for admissions: $2,000 - Why? Our admissions department has a need to increase their presence at college fairs and other events where Calvary information is displayed.  Using tablets would be an easy, cost-effective way for them to show photos and videos to prospective students and allow for mobile sign-ups and applications.
  4. Stove and wiring for our conference center: $2,000 - Why? Since God provided our new buildings in 2012, we have the ability to host nearly all Calvary events on campus, including the President’s Dinner, theatre productions, conferences, and luncheons.  Most of these events involve food, and we have discovered the need for a stove in the conference center kitchen to help with preparing food and maintaining its temperature. 
  5. Ice machine for our dorm: $1,000 - Why? This will be a convenient way for our athletes and other students with injuries to access cold compress treatment when it is needed.
  6. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for our dorm: $1,000 - Why? This emergency device is a necessity for a part of the campus where many of our students spend a large amount of time.
  7. Alumni Induction Luncheon: $1,000 - Why? Each spring we welcome the new graduates into the alumni family at this luncheon. Your support will allow us to pay for the meals of graduates and their families. 


These seven projects were chosen because of the impact we believe they will have on student health, campus safety, public relations, and the recruitment of future students.  To make a contribution, click here, and be sure to enter the amount of your gift in the "Alumni Phone-a-Thon" field.  You can spread your total contribution over several months if that fits your budget best.

We look forward to seeing God's provision!