Alumni Phone-a-thon

The goal for the 2015 Alumni Phone-a-thon is to raise $20,000 for four distinct projects: 

  1. New carpet for our dining hall: $5,900 - Why? With about 250 meals served each day, it is no surprise that a large number of stains have accumulated on the carpet in the ten years since it was installed. New carpet will improve the room's overall appearance. 
  2. Sound equipment for the Langmade Room in our conference center: $4,000 - Why? This room is used for conferences, meetings, and luncheons, all of which will greatly benefit from the availability of microphones and speakers. Hosting these types of events is a great way to introduce more people to Calvary.
  3. Modular platform risers for our Liberty Chapel: $9,100 - Why? The Lord blessed us with a multi-purpose space to use for chapel services, theatre performances, and dinners; additional risers will enhance the flexibility and transition of the seating area. 
  4. Alumni Induction Luncheon: $1,000 - Why? Each spring we welcome the new graduates into the alumni family at this luncheon. Your support will allow us to pay for the meals of graduates and their families. 

To make a contribution, click here, and be sure to enter the amount of your gift in the "Alumni Phone-a-thon" field. You can spread your total contribution over several months if that fits your budget best. 

We look forward to seeing God's provision!