Alumni Phone-A-Thon

The goal for the 2014 Alumni Phone-a-thon is to raise $20,000 for three distinct projects. Please be in prayer about how God would use you to help meet this need. 

  1. Exterior improvements to Philadelphia Hall: $9,650 - It has been many years since our on-campus apartment building received a new coat of paint. It also needs to have new gutters and downspouts installed. This will improve conditions for our students and make Philly Hall look more like our other campus buildings.
  2. 2004 Chevy Silverado and snow plow blade: $9,350 - This is such a great need that we have already purchased the truck and blade for the maintenance department to use this winter. It is essential to clear a large amount of snow to make our campus safe for students, and now we will not need to hire someone else to do it. The truck also meets a need with its towing and hauling capabilities.
  3. Alumni Induction Luncheon: $1,000 - For the past few years, graduates and their families have been able to attend free of charge because of a trade agreement through KLJC. We would love to continue this practice through your generosity and desire to welcome new members into the alumni family!

To make a contribution, click here, and be sure to enter the amount of your gift in the "Alumni Phone-a-Thon" field. You can spread your total contribution over several months if this fits your budget best. 

Thank you for the part you will play in God’s provision.